What is Mentor N Motion?

Mentor N Motion is an online youth mentoring program that enables American children in USA, born to immigrants from West Africa, Senegal in particular, to make informed educational and career path decisions. The mentoring program accompanies high school youths with:

1. Career explorations through mentors with common vocational interests.

2. Hands on exposure by shadowing a professional in their field of interest or participating in internship programs.

3. Enable participants to develop or refine the soft skills they need for a successful career path. These include leadership, communication, conflict management, diversity and cultural awareness, cultural integration, and more…

Mentoring Facts

Young Adults Who Were At-Risk For Falling

Off Track But Had a Mentor Are

The Mentoring Effect, 2020 Published in and Public/Private Ventures study of Big Brothers Big Sisters

Online Youth Mentoring Program


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Our goal is to connect our mentees with the most suitable resources. This means we need to find lots of generous people, organizations, and foundations. We accept cash and other targeted donations. To donate, select the Support MnM button below.

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