Become a Mentor


Mentors’ Eligibility Requirements

  1. Complete the Mentoring application
  2. Be willing to adhere to all Mentor N Motion Mentoring Program policies, Role and Responsibilities, and code of conduct
  3. Agree to a one-year commitment or the duration of the mentoring session
  4. Commit to spending four hours a month with your mentee
  5. Be willing to communicate with your mentee via video conferencing
  6. Agree to attend required mentor trainings
  7. Be willing to communicate regularly with our program coordinator and submit meetings and activity information every 6 to 8 weeks
  8. Have a clean criminal history
  9. Have never been accused, arrested, charged, or convicted of child abuse or molestation
  10. Not be a convicted felon. If the applicant has been convicted of a felony then they may be considered only after a period of seven years with demonstrated good behavior and an appropriate and corrective attitude regarding past behaviors.
  11. Not be a user of illicit drug
  12. Not use alcohol or controlled substances in an excessive or inappropriate manner
  13. Must have the time and availability to meet with your mentee.
  14. Be a seasoned professional in your field who can share quality information with mentees
  15. Preferred but not required: Help arrange shadowing, paid,or unpaid internships with your employer or other organizations 
  16. Background Check

Mentor's Code of Conduct


  •  Assure the safety of mentees
  •  Respect  your commitment to mentees and mentoring program
  •  Get the most out of this experience: Learn and Teach
  •  Notify your mentees ahead (at least1 day in advance) if you cannot meet your commitment
  •  Be professional - your mentees are observing you 
  •  Be mindful of your mentees' time
  •  Propose improvements to mentees and program
  • Suggest training based on needs
  • Practice active listening


  • Perform all the tasks assigned to you
  • Attend events and training
  • Attend all required meetings
  • Adhere to the rules set by the program


  • Pose Questions
  • Ask Clarifications
  • Ensure you understand what you have to do for your mentees
  • Ensure your mentees understands their role


Mentor Application

Mentors, before you complete the mentor application,visit the following pages:

Enrollment activities 

Enable you to familiarize yourself with the activities that will take place during the mentoring session

Roles & Responsibilities

Enable you to familiarize yourself with your role and what's expected of you during the mentoring session

Background Check 

Go to Mentor Application