PARENT/GUARDIAN Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide permission for your child/protege to be mentored
  • Respect the code of conduct and rules set by the program
  • Help your child/protege and their mentor create an individual development plan 
  • Assist your child/protege during the implementation of their individual development plan
  • Follow up with your child/protege's mentor to assess their progress
  • Participate in events, such as training
  • Refer other mentees, mentors, or volunteers
  • Become a volunteer - not required but highly desirable
  • Arrange shadowing or internship opportunities for mentees if possible
  • Suggest training for your child/protege or for other mentees, mentors, or program team

Enrollment Activities:

  • Familiarize yourself with the mentees' enrollment activities before you submit a request for acceptance in the program
  • The enrollment activities enable you to learn about the program and set your expectations from the time you submit an application for your child/protege until the end of the mentoring session

What to Expect During a Mentoring Session:

  • Attend an orientation session online if your child/protege is accepted in the program
  • Assist your child/protege select a mentor
  • Attend occasional video meetings between mentee and their mentor (based on request from mentor, mentee, or program coordinator)
  • Participate in screening and matching video meetings with the mentor or program coordinator
  • Provide a status report to the mentoring program' coordinator about the mentoring relationship between  a mentor and mentee
  • Respond to surveys from the mentoring program for feedback about the program performance
  • On-going interactions with program coordinators as needed