Background Check

All Mentor Applicants must submit a comprehensive criminal background check report It is $12 with Verified Volunteers and we will send you a link to start the process. 

This must be submitted prior to approval. It must  include a search from:

1.  The national criminal records database

2.  Sex offender

3.  Child abuse registries.

If you are a Maryland resident you can run a free local check – Click on the Maryland Judiciary icon below

You may also download a personal copy attained from the courthouse. They must have a visible county seal, address, and contact information for the agency issuing the report.

Mentor’s Code Of Conduct

Assure the safety of mentees

Respect your commitment to mentees and mentoring program

Get the most out of this experience: Learn and Teach

Notify your mentees ahead (at least1 day in advance) if you cannot meet your commitment

Be professional – your mentees are observing you

Be mindful of your mentees’ time

Propose improvements to mentees and program

Suggest training based on needs

Practice active listening

Perform all the tasks assigned to you

Attend events and training

Attend all required meetings

Adhere to the rules set by the program

Pose Questions

Ask Clarifications

Ensure you understand what you have to do for your mentees

Ensure your mentees understands their role