Fatimata Ndiaye

Fatimata Ndiaye is a graduate from Western School of Technology and Environmental Science in Maryland. She was hesitant between becoming a dentist or an athletic trainer. Therefore, she wanted to experience what it was like to work as a dentist, hoping that it will help her decide. We placed her at Lakeside Village Dental, a private practice in Owings Mill, MD.

What did you learn from the mentorship and internship?

  1. Learning about my mentor’s educational path that led her to dentistry was helpful
  2. You have to be good with your hands
  3. You have to be good with communicating with patients
  4. You have to be knowledgeable of terminology and anatomy

“The internship gave me more experience in something I spent a little time in last year during my internship for school. My mentor and I discussed the universities that would help me meet my goals and the educational track that I should follow toward my career path.”